Meeting & Events

  • Sun
    Washington DC, USA

     Hong Liu, MD; Renyu Liu, MD, PhD

     There were 11 board members attended the first face-to-face board meeting. The board reviewed the work have been done and discussed the future plans for the organization which include the bylaw and reached some consensus for certain important issues.


    Around 150 people showed up for the first scientific symposium with the room packed. There were 24 anesthesiologists from both US, UK, and China presented their studies. ICAA issued multiples awards in various categories to recognize these who had outstanding contribution to the Chinese Academic Anesthesiology or had an outstanding presentation. Around 130 people attended dinner party.

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  • Thu
    ChengDu , China

    The CSA meeting announcement is out: .  ICAA members are encouraged to propose topics to be presented in CSA meeting. Please contact Dr. Hong Liu if you plan to attend CSA this year or have any suggestions or topics to be presented in CSA  ( 3 of our members have proposed areas of interest for the potential submissions to the 2104 CSA meeting in Chengdu. If you are interested in the same topics, you can contact those individuals to put together joint proposals. If you have other ideas, I will help to send to our members.

    1. Anesthesia Department Development: How to Write a Competitive SCI paper.
    Contact: Zhongcong Xie, MD., PhD,
    2. Cardiac Anesthesia
    Contact: Yong G. Peng, MD., PhD,
    3. Neuroanesthesia
    Contact: Lingzhong Meng, MD., PhD,
    4. Trauma Anesthesia
    Contact: Henry Liu,
    5. Anesthesia Basic Science Research: General anesthesia - Neuroprotective or Neurotoxic?
    Contact: Huafeng Wei, MD., PhD,
    6. Pain Treatment and Research: Chronic Pain: mechanisms and treatments
    Contact: Yuan-Xiang Tao, PhD, MD,
    7. Clinical Anesthesia research:
    A. Outcome Study
    Contact: Jiapeng Huang, MD., PhD,
    B. Clinical research with existing surgical databases
    Jiabin Liu, MD, PhD,
    8. OB Anesthesia
    Contact: Jie Zhou, MD, MBA,
    9. Anesthesia Basic Science Research: Anesthetic Cardioprotection in Diabetes
    Contact: Zhengyuan Xia, MD, PhD, email:
    10. Anesthesia Department Development: Systemic Residency Training
    Contact: Yong G. Peng, MD., PhD,

  • Fri
    main campus of Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana

    ICAA-logo-finalInternational Chinese Academy of Anesthesiology (ICAA) Communications

    July 12, 2014

    ICAA is proud to announce 2014 international scientific symposium of ICAA. The symposium

    will be held on October 10, 2014 in the main campus of Tulane University School of Medicine in

    New Orleans, Louisiana. The ICAA symposium this year is supported/co-hosted by the

    Department of Anesthesiology of Tulane University School of Medicine

    Please submit your abstract to Dr. Chuanyao Tong ( and Dr. Hong Liu

    ( ) for consideration of acceptance to be presented in the meeting. The

    abstract should be no more than 250 words. The abstract should contain four labeled paragraphs:

    Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Only one table or one figure is allowed. All the

    abstracts must be written in English containing all authors’ name, presenting author’s contact

    information, and corresponding author’s contact information including telephone numbers and

    emails. All abstracts will be presented via POWERPOINT slides if accepted.

    Only the ICAA member sponsored abstract is eligible for the award winning competition. If you

    need sponsorship, please contact Dr. Hong Liu ( ). If you are interested in

    joining ICAA, please contact Dr. Jianzhong Sun ( ). To support or sponsor

    this event, please contact Dr. Hong Liu ( or Dr. Zhongcong Xie

    ( ), the president of ICAA. ICAA member is eligible to sponsor all the

    abstracts from his/her own lab and one abstract that is not from his/her research team/lab. We will

    have various awards for the best abstracts and presentations. The accepted abstract that is not

    presented in ASA meeting, will be published in ICAA website or ICAA supported journal.

    The major theme of this year’s symposium will continue our legacy of our last year’s successful

    event on Translational Medicine: The Clinical aspect and clinical trials of translational medicine

    in Perioperative and Pain Medicine. We are honoured to have Dr. Daniel Sessler give the keynote

    presentation on clinical studies. Dr. Daniel Sessler is the current department chair of the outcome

    research at the Cleveland Clinic; He is one of the very few anesthesiologists published premium

    clinical studies in New England Journal of Medicine. His work on body temperature and

    perioperative outcome changed our practice permanently and maintenance of body temperature is

    one of key daily practices in perioperative medicine; also the recent POISE 2 studies on

    perioperative use of aspirin and clonidine.

    The tentative agenda as follows:

    12:15-12:45 Open Ceremony and Greeting: Zhongcong Xie (President of ICAA),

    Jane Fitch (President of ICAA), more to be announced

    12:45~14:00 Panel presentation “Clinical Study on Anesthesia” (names are listed


    Daniel Sessler (Cleveland), Davy Cheng (Toronto), Hong Liu (ICAA), Jin

    Liu (CSA),

    14:00~14:15 Break


    14:15~17:30 Scientific Abstracts Presentation and Award Competition

    17:30~18:00 Closing and Award presentation

    18:00: Departure to the dinner party