What are member benefits?

1. Eligible to participate in ICAA initiated or hosted exchange programs including but not limited to the following:

  • ICAA annual meeting during ASA
  • ICAA-CSA symposium during CSA (first one would be in 2013)
  • ICAA CME activities (TEE program in China)
  • NO Pain Labor N’ Delivery medical mission
  • Other ICAA hosted meetings

2. Eligible to participate in ICAA award programs including but not limited to the following:

  • Outstanding Mentorship Award
  • Academic Achievement Award
  • Creative Science Award

3. Eligible to apply for ICAA research and/or scholar exchange funding.

4. Eligible to vote for ICAA matters.

5. Eligible to be elected to be leaders of ICAA.

6. Eligible to request recommendation letters from ICAA.

7. Eligible to collaborate with ICAA members for various basic science and clinical research projects.

8. Has priority to be chosen as a visiting professor/scholar to ICAA universities.

9. Publish your idea, essay, papers, or related information/press releases through ICAA website (www.icaahq.org) and ICAA supported journals (coming soon).