1. What is ICAA membership?

The membership of International Chinese Academy of Anesthesiology (ICAA) is the status of being a member of the organization named after ICAA.

2. What are the eligibility criteria?

  • For an individual who is in clinical track, he/she must have finished residency training and has been board-certified by the specialty he/she is affiliated with.
  • For an individual who is in research track, he/she must have been awarded the PhD degree and has been consistently engaging in the relevant biomedical research.

3. How to apply?

The candidate must send all required documents directly to the ICAA Membership Committee. A complete application package should include the following documents.

  • An updated curriculum vitae.
  • A letter of recommendation from a member of ICAA.
  • The candidate’s contact information including telephone number and e-mail address.

4. How is the application reviewed?

The application will be reviewed by ICAA Membership Committee. The application documents will be distributed among the committee members. The applicant will be notified of the decision by this committer, either approval or rejection, within 3 weeks of application. The Membership Committee will send a congratulation letter to the new ICAA member. The Membership Committee will also send a letter to the applicant whose application is denied for the purpose of explanation.

5. What is the membership due?

The membership due can be paid by either a one-time payment of $500 for lifetime membership or an annual payment of $70 per year. The membership due should be pain in US dollars. Even though it is not mandatory, your payment is a great help to this non-profit academic organization and greatly appreciated.

6. Is membership terminable?

Yes. If a member’s pursuit is deemed deviating from the ICAA’s mission, he/she will receive a written notification of membership termination from the Chair of ICAA Membership Committee who represents the decision made by the membership committee. The letter should provide a clear reasoning of such a decision.

7. What is joint membership?

ICAA awards membership to the members from CSA, CAA, CASA and other organizations who are interested in becoming an ICAA member, as long as the individual meets the ICAA membership criteria and upon the approval by the ICAA Membership Committee. The presidents of CSA and CAA can serve as a board director of ICAA upon the invitation. The Board Directors and the President of ICAA reserve the right of terminating this relationship.

8. How is the ICAA Membership Committee elected?

The ICAA Membership Committee members are elected from the ICAA Board of Directors and are approved by the ICAA Executive Board of Directors. It has 7 members including the Membership Committee Chair, General Secretary, President, Treasurer, and 3 members from the Executive Board or Board of Directors. Every member represents a vote. A total of 4 votes is required for a pass of issues requiring the committee decision.

9. Who to contact?

Please contact Dr. Lingzhong Meng ( for membership-related questions.