A welcome note from hosting chair

 Dear meeting participants,

On behalf of the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care, welcome to UCSF and 2018 ICAA annual meeting and the first ICAA-CSA joint symposium. Our department has a history of extensive interaction with anesthesiologists in China. Many of you have met Dr. Ron Miller, former Chair of our department. His book of Miller’s Anesthesia is wildly considered as the golden standard in anesthesia practice world wild, and it has been translated into Chinese. In fact, many of you have participated the translation of this textbook. Other faculty members of our department, such as Dr. Adrian Gelb, have also visited China numerous times.

Under the leadership of our current Chair Dr. Michael Gropper, many Chinese anesthesiologists are thriving in our department. Some of them will present their research in this symposium. Dr. Jacqueline Leung, the Vice Chair of our department, is an expert in studying the pathophysiology of postoperative delirium and cognitive decline. Dr. Catherine Chen has done some excellent clinical research on preoperative testing with publications in top journals, including New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Wei Zhou has recently identified a new brain circuitry that is crucial for general anesthesia and pain, and his work has been accepted by PNAS. I myself, a graduate from Peking Union Medical College, work on the mechanism of neuropathic pain, with a recent publication in Nature Neuroscience. In addition, Dr. Jonathan Pan will present his work on spinal cord injury in the scholar section. You can learn more about our department from our website https://anesthesia.ucsf.edu.

Our department is very delighted to have a chance hosting this symposium, and we are looking forward to further interactions with our Chinese colleagues in the future.

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