Zhiyi Zuo (左志义) ‘s Visiting Scholar

Member: Zhiyi Zuo (左志义) 1. D Lin (林大卫,广东), C Feng, M Cao and Z Zuo: Isoflurane may not induce significant toxicity to human neuron-like cells. Anesth Analg 112:1194-8, 2011. 2.         J Feng (冯继峰,广西)and Z Zuo: Isoflurane preconditioning increases endothelial cell tolerance to in vitro simulated ischemia. J Pharma Pharmacol. 63:106-10, 2011. 3.         D Lin (林大卫,广东), […]

Zhongcong Xie (谢仲淙)’s Visiting Scholar

Member: Zhongcong Xie (谢仲淙) 1. Xu, Z. (徐志鹏,北京), Dong, Y., Wu, X., Zhang, J., McAuliffe, S., Pan, C., Zhang, Y. Ichinose, F., Yue, Y., and Xie, Z. The potential dual effects of anesthetic isoflurane on A-induced apoptosis. Current Alzheimer Research, 2011, 8, 741-752. PMID: 21244349. 2. Pan, C (潘楚雄,北京), Xu Z, Dong Y, Zhang Y, […]

Yuan-Xiang Tao (陶元祥)’s Visiting Scholar

Member: Yuan-Xiang Tao (陶元祥)   1.         Kao SC (高盛新, 台湾), Zhao X, Lee CY, Atianjoh FE, Yaster M, Tao Y-X. Absence of mu opioid receptor mRNA expression in astrocytes and microglia of spinal cord. NeuroReport 2012,23:378-84.   2.         Shin MH (施明宏,台湾, Kao SC, Wang W, Yaster M, Tao Y-X. Spinal cord NMDA receptor-mediated activation of […]

Jianzhong Sun (孙健中)’s Visiting Scholar

Jianzhong Sun (孙健中)   1. Cao LH (操隆辉, 广州), Young N, Liu H, Silvestry S, Sun W, Zhao N, Diehl J, Sun JZ. Preoperative aspirin use and outcomes in cardiac surgery patients. Ann Surg. 2012; 255:399-404.   2.   Cao LH (操隆辉, 广州), Silvestry S, Zhao N, Diehl J, Sun JZ. Effects of preoperative aspirin on […]

Xuejun Song (宋学军)’s Visiting Scholar

Xuejun Song (宋学军) 1.   Liu WT (刘文涛,南京), Han Y, Liu YP, Song AA, Barnes B, Song XJ. Spinal matrix metalloproteinase-9 contributes to physical dependence on morphine in mice. Journal of Neuroscience, 2010; 30: 7613-7623. 2.   Wu XF (吴雪枫, 南京),Liu WT, Liu YP, Huang ZJ, Zhang YK, Song XJ. Reopening of ATP-sensitive potassium channels reduces neuropathic […]

Yonggang Peng (彭勇刚)’s Visiting Scholar

Yonggang Peng (彭勇刚)   1.         Yang JJ (杨建军, 南京), Ji MH, Sun J, Peng YG Levosimendan for treatment of septic shock: homeotherapy or inadequate therapy? Acta Anaesthesiol Scand, 2011, 55(9): 1147.   2.         Ji MH (纪木火, 南京), Li RQ, Li GM, Fan YX, Dong L, Yang JJ, Peng YG, Wu J. Effects of combined levosimendan […]