LingZhong Meng’s Visiting Scholar

Member: Lingzhong Meng 1.Chen G (陈果, 华西医科大学), Meng L, Alexander B, Tran NP, Kain ZN, Cannesson M. Comparison of noninvasive cardiac output measurements using the Nexfin monitoring device and the esophageal Doppler. J Clin Anesth 2012; 24(4): 275-83 2.Chen G (陈果, 华西医科大学), Chung E, Meng L, Alexander B, Vu T, Rinehart J, Cannesson M. Impact of non […]

Daqing Ma (马大青)’s Visiting Scholar

Daqing Ma (马大青)   1.         Wan Y, Xu J (俆静, 上海), Meng FM, Bao YH, Ge YY, Lobo N, Vizcaychipi MP, Zhang DH, Gentleman SM, Maze M, Ma D. Cognitive decline following major surgery is associated with Alzheimer’s Disease pathogenesis in old mice. Critical Care Medicine 2010;38:2190-8 2.         Gu J (顾健腾, 重庆), Sun P, Zhao H, […]

Renyu Liu (刘仁玉)’s Visiting Scholar

 Member: Renyu Liu (刘仁玉)          Su D (苏殿三,上海), Riley J, Kiessling WJ, Armstead WM, Liu R. Salvinorin A Produces Cerebrovasodilation through Release of NO and Activation of Opioid Receptor and ATP sensitive Potassium Channel. Anesthesiology 2011, 144 (2): 374~379          Su D (苏殿三,上海), Riley J, Kiessling WJ, Armstead WM, Liu R. Salvinorin A pretreatment preserves […]

Hong Liu (刘虹) ‘s Visiting Scholor Publication

Member: Hong Liu (刘虹) 1.         C. Zhong (钟才云,南京), NW. Fleming, X. Lu, PG. Moore and H. Liu. Age-associated differences in gene expression in response to delayed anesthetic preconditioning. Age 2011 Oct 19. [Epub ahead of print] DOI 10.1007/s11357-011-9322-5 2.         H. Xie (谢红, 苏州), C. Wang, X. Wu, X. Liu, S. Qiao, C. Liu and H. Liu. […]