Yuan-Xiang Tao (陶元祥)’s Visiting Scholar

Member: Yuan-Xiang Tao (陶元祥)


1.         Kao SC (高盛新, 台湾), Zhao X, Lee CY, Atianjoh FE, Yaster M, Tao Y-X. Absence of mu opioid receptor mRNA expression in astrocytes and microglia of spinal cord. NeuroReport 201223378-84.


2.         Shin MH (施明宏,台湾, Kao SC, Wang W, Yaster M, Tao Y-X. Spinal cord NMDA receptor-mediated activation of mammalian target of rapamycin is required for the development and maintenance of bone cancer-induced pain hypersensitivities in rats. Journal of Pain 201213378-84.


3.         Wang W (王伟,西安), Atianjoh FE, Gauda EB, Yaster M, Li YQ, Tao Y-X. Increased expression of sodium channel subunit Nav1.1 in the injured dorsal root ganglion after peripheral nerve injury. Anatomical Record 20112941406-1411.


4.         Wang W (王伟,西安), Gu J, Li YQ, Tao Y-X. Are voltage-gated sodium channels on the dorsal root ganglion involved in the development of neuropathic pain? Mol Pain 7 (2011) 16.


5.         Wang W (王伟,西安), Petralia RS, Takamiya K, Xia J, Li YQ, Huganir RL, Yaster M, Tao Y-Q. Preserved acute pain and impaired neuropathic pain in mice lacking protein interacting with C kinase 1. Mol Pain 2011711.


6.         Lee CY (李辰义, 台湾), Perez FM, Wang W, Guan X, Zhao X, Guan Y, Sweitzer SM, Raja S, Tao Y-X. Dynamic temporal and spatial regulation of mu opioid receptor expression in primary afferent neurons following painful spinal nerve injury. Eur J Pain 201115669-675.


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