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International Chinese Academy of Anesthesiology (ICAA) Communications July 12, 2014

ICAA is proud to announce 2014 international scientific symposium of ICAA. The symposium will be held on October 10, 2014 in the main campus of Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. Read more...


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Xuejun Song Publication

                                       Author Title Publisher 1. Huang ZJ, Li HC, Cowan AA, Zhang YK, Song XJ. Chronic compression or acute dissociation of dorsal root ganglion induces cAMP-dependent neuronal hyperexcitability through activation of PAR2. Pain 2012 Jul;153(7):1426-37. Epub 2012 Apr 27, PMID: 22541444. 2. Sun W, Miao B, Wang XC, Duan JH, Wang WT, Kuang […]

Yonggang Peng (彭勇刚)’s Visiting Scholar

Yonggang Peng (彭勇刚)   1.         Yang JJ (杨建军, 南京), Ji MH, Sun J, Peng YG Levosimendan for treatment of septic shock: homeotherapy or inadequate therapy? Acta Anaesthesiol Scand, 2011, 55(9): 1147.   2.         Ji MH (纪木火, 南京), Li RQ, Li GM, Fan YX, Dong L, Yang JJ, Peng YG, Wu J. Effects of combined levosimendan […]

Yonggang Peng Publication

Author Title Publisher 1. Yang JJ, Yu HM, Peng YG:   Epinephrine infiltration of scalp or nasal mucosa induces what kind of changes in blood pressure under general anesthesia: hypertension or hypotension? J Neurosurg Anesthesiol. 22:79-80, 2010 2. Yang JJ, Wang GX, Hyde K, Peng YG: Perioperative anesthesia management in a Septuagenarian with Multiple Comorbidities and […]

LingZhong Meng’s Visiting Scholar

Member: Lingzhong Meng 1.Chen G (陈果, 华西医科大学), Meng L, Alexander B, Tran NP, Kain ZN, Cannesson M. Comparison of noninvasive cardiac output measurements using the Nexfin monitoring device and the esophageal Doppler. J Clin Anesth 2012; 24(4): 275-83 2.Chen G (陈果, 华西医科大学), Chung E, Meng L, Alexander B, Vu T, Rinehart J, Cannesson M. Impact of non […]


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